Chef Eric James, Austin Personal Chef

Chef Eric

Born in Hollywood California and raised in Texas… It'll make sense when you meet him. Growing up, Eric loved to help his mother entertain at home and cooking became an outlet for him and his mother to connect. His mother taught him that food was about coming together to celebrate life, family and friends, not competition. (unless it’s to raise money for a cause other than yourself.)

Austin Personal Chefs was created in 2011 by Chef Eric. There was never a plan to become a personal chef or to do it long-term. "It just kind of happened". After being laid off from corporate America one too many times, Eric found himself cooking for friends and family with all the downtime he had. Once a friend of his had asked if he would do an event for his wife's birthday, the rest wrote itself.

To get better at what he already knew, learn what you didn't know and make lifetime connections, Eric made the decision to attend Le Cordon Bleu In Austin Texas. Eric graduated at the top of his class and did his externship at a nonprofit called Angel House.


Chef D. Washington

Born and raised in Austin, Chef D is a true Texan, which means family, food, and football are what keeps him happy. The love for family is what he puts into everything, which inspired his passion for food. Chef D was raised to appreciate how meal time brings families closer, and still participates in weekly Sunday family dinners at grandma’s house. His grandmother was pivotal in his education, teaching him how to cook, which in turn paved the way for his future career.

Chef D graduated with a degree from Le Cordon Bleu. During his time there he met Chef Eric Daniel of Austin Personal Chefs, who helped him realize his path as a personal chef.